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Cartoons as a modern art form

Hey guys, so this time while I was reading the newspaper of TIMES OF INDIA I came across the cartoons (political cartoons to be specific) and I enjoyed them a lot. Opening a paper to the editorial section usually guarantees a reader access to a political cartoon. Newspapers, always at the forefront of current events, present daily political cartoons for their readers which relate to media buzz. It can be very funny, especially if you understand the issue that they're commenting on. Their main purpose is to persuade you. A good political cartoon makes you think about current events, but it also tries to sway your opinion. In India through these cartoons, the information they convey while being funny is enough to get a rough idea of what’s happening with the politicians. As an artist Cartoon drawing has also had to struggle for its own place in the art community. This does not detract from it as an art form, but those who work in this media are not always given full respect as artists. Political cartooning remains a staple of the media. Its ability to be drawn quickly and use of words to express political views on a daily basis makes it an ideal format for politics. Putting aside all the controversies, I focus on the fun part just to look at it from the artists' point of view. Hope you guys have a look at them and find them funny.

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