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One sky, many colors

Painting, drawing, dancing & singing are the art forms that make me live my heart out. It is sort of a therapy for me maybe because the things that you do for your own refreshment and entertainment never build pressure on you. You do that freely with your own will. All of these activities are different forms of art that are subjective, unlike theory or facts. The movie 'The Sky is Pink' elucidated a paradox that your sky can be of any color you want. Art and its great historic movements do not have rules, they rather break the rules. To break it down for people who do not have a greater understanding of art, it basically is an artist's life experiences that come down to the canvas, and experiences are not bound to scripts. Render your experiences on the canvas of life and create your own unique art. Take my advice on this, indulging in any form of art is always going to give you an upper edge in anything you do in life.

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