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Art that will Shock you

Recently, I came across an Art called Disturbing art or Shock art. Now, we have all come across this art once in our lives, that's for sure! Shock art is contemporary art that incorporates disturbing imagery, sound, or scents to create a shocking experience. It's mostly conceptual work and in recent history, it has been tied to "sensation exhibition". As the art of the shock may incorporate sensory inputs that are disturbing and shocking. It is the most controversial I have come across. Many people have raised questions about whether it should be considered an art form. When we hear the word Art, we expect something rather beautiful so, there's a very less number of people who appreciate an art form that is based on people's anxiety and trauma. But even if you don't like it, it catches your eyes somehow. The disturbing images are unique and different, something we don't see every day. Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain art of 1917 overturned every artist at that time. The art was nothing but a urinal placed on a pedestal. It was indeed a shock that how much popularity it got, but with fame obviously came the questions and hatred. Duchamp's art was subject to debate then and perhaps still is now.

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