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Art, Parents, and Career

Art can express anything and everything you feel. Being in a mad mood you can paint the darkest of painting with bold and dark colors. When in a high spirit you can write poetry or sing too. The only way you can speak out everything without even talking or acknowledging anyone is art. Although in India, there persists a big crunch of people who don’t consider art as a career. Our parents too sometimes might have said or asked us to look for a better career option than this. The reason for it is their care towards us and experience because they have lived in an era where artists were paid only peanuts for the dedicated and time-consuming work they did and they didn’t want us to go through the same. Art might not be able to be your career depending upon your choice but it can always be a mode of expressing your feelings. The day or time you feel like you’re happy or you’re passionate about that art is the time when you have given yourself an idea that yes, this too can be your career. For this, you can convince your parents too about it by explaining to them your POV and securing their insecurities.

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