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Art of making a Rakhi

Today let's talk about Rakshabandhan. On this day the brother and sister share a bond of love to protect each other and to stick through thick and thin which is represented by a piece of string called rakhi. Rakhi is a piece of string/cloth that comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs, etc. Rakhis represents many things for example some may have different stones, some symbols, pictures of God/Goddess, cartoons for kids, etc the art of making rakhis starts with just taking a strand of cloth cutting it into equal sizes dying them into different colors if needed, placing the symbols, stones or anything attractive in the center of the rakhi and binding it with the same cloth or stitching it with another all depends on what kind of design people want. There have also been Rakhi exhibits and even professional competitions where rakhis are made with premium quality cloths, real diamonds proper handcrafted stones/symbols for proper aesthetic looks. This is a pure art of hand and we should appreciate people who are still making Rakhis by hand instead of using machines. As the festival was just on Sunday, most of the places and shops were filled with Rakhis. You can see colorful rakhis hanging everywhere.

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