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A Perfect Morning!

Most of the people's morning starts with an alarm which if we see is not good. Like waking up with a common sound and once you open your eyes and you see your clock or phone to close the sound. This is not the right way of waking up. Is it? You are blessed that you wake up on that day because remember last night was the last night for some people but still you got a chance to see the world again today. The best practice you can do to wake up in the morning without putting an alarm is by taking a shower before bed. It is highly recommended by the doctors and even is written in ancient books to take a shower before going to bed. We call it one of the practices of Bhuta Suddhi(cleansing of five elements) Another practice is to remind yourself that you have to wake up at a particular time before going to bed. So, it will be somewhere there in your subconscious mind. Now, the change won't be drastic. It will take some time to wake up without an alarm but trust me once you get used to it, you will love your perfect mornings! Connecting to nature always helps in waking up on time without an alarm. So, let's follow these 3 simple steps - Take a shower before bed, remind yourself the wake-up time and try to connect yourself to nature as much as you can. Read our nature blogs for more details!

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