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A Modern Misfit?

Plato is arguably the father figure of Greek Philosophy who is known to hold strong and distasteful opinions regarding the existence of art in his version of an ideal state, so much so that he condemns her to banishment whilst warning all allured to her charms against the imitative web of deceit that truly lies behind her surface beauty. Art and its perception have evolved since his time which begs the question: How well do Plato’s remarks hold in the twenty-first century? Art has grown to be so much more than being well-structured, morally abiding, written in the praise of God and celebrated men; it has developed to be a means of expression, being heard and most prominently, feeling understood. Art shackled down with chains of regulations stated by even the most promising and shrewd men of our kind is bound to suffer. Today, we’ve made the creation of art accessible and every willing man an artist by opening the perception of art to the creator and the spectator, an idea which would make Plato turn in disgust in his grave. Surely, such strongly rooted ideas, incontestably holding back art, would be frowned upon and even attacked by our spirited and unforgiving generation. It would not be out of wits to presume that Plato in the twenty-first century may even be cancelled!

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Vipul Pratap Singh
Vipul Pratap Singh
Aug 30, 2022

In the context of Plato at the very outset we will have to understand that he was agrieved with the defeat of Athens by Sparta and was a great patriot therefore wanted to make Athens great again. In doing so he started examining the causes which lead Athens to become such that it was defeated. According to Plato the world in which we live is the shadow of real world consequently the world of Idea is real not the world in which we live. In the world of Idea there is a perfect form of every object. It could be better understood by this example- in the world of idea a perfect object exist which possess 100 per cent perfecti…


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