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Climate Change is a Threat

Talking about Afghanistan’s situation, what probably comes to your mind is the war and terrorism; But other than that, there is another thing killing and destroying lives in Afghanistan and that is the climate change crisis. I have to emphasize that climate change is happening, and it impacts all of us no matter who we are or where we are from. Unfortunately, as this world has always been unfair to Afghanistan, so is the climate that will cause major issues due to its massive impact. The past two decades of war and conflict in Afghanistan took thousands of lives and destroyed hundreds of foundations. Today, the country people in Afghanistan are facing the biggest humanitarian crisis of the time and the only hope of life in today's Afghanistan is water and agriculture! As I said, climate change is happening and has already affected most people in Afghanistan, most of that beautiful and green lands turned into empty and scary deserts. Yes, we have rivers but most without water or with undrinkable water which unfortunately due to the drought & lack of clean water people are supposed to drink which causes different types of diseases that unfortunately because of poverty and lack of healthcare facilities, causes death. The climate change crisis doesn't only eradicate our lands, it destroys lives, dreams, education, increases the risk of child marriage, child labor, and of course, conflict and violence. Climate change is a global threat. That's why we need global policies and actions. Today is the day for these actions because each time we say tomorrow or the right time more people, more children, more dreams and, more lands suffer.

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