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Leaves Arising Hope

Have you read The last leaf? The story of poor Sue who was suffering from pneumonia. While reading the story I realized how someone can get hope from a mere thing as a leaf. Someone could be counting on little leaves for their dear life. Life is again the small word with greater meaning. Having bet your life on a thing as leaf makes me wonder how hopeless one could be. Leaves that seem so priceless suddenly becomes precious. Every leaf is a hope blooming. Leaves aren't only of green color they do come in various colors and shapes. Similarly, hope can come in your life in varied forms ranging from different people at different times. The beauty of a tree is in the growth of leaves. Hope that is being nourished by trust and love. The leaf that outgrows been through a lot but still, it hanged on because of that little someone who wishes for it. For that hope please hang on. You can do it believe me. This journey will be worth it because you will make it. The happiness on the other end will give you satisfaction on your end.

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Varun Sharma
Varun Sharma
Sep 13, 2021

It's true. Hope has kept us all together. Otherwise the whole world would have been a mess. I hope that the same hope keep us all going toward a better Life.


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