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Cliffs the Heights of Fear / the Shield

Sitting on the edge of a cliff listening to my heart thump hard against the chest, the percussive sound ringing inside the head, adrenalin rush making my cheeks flushed and nostrils flare to grasp the much-needed oxygen. Eyes unfocused but wide open taking in the scene with peripheral vision. The sea stretches across the devilish temptation asking for one to jump off the edge to unravel the depth of the sea. Asking for you to drown yourself in its vivid world, asking you to let go of your fear for once to seek everlasting happiness. Cliffs are the shelter that we strive for to protect ourselves from the fears and challenges ahead. A shield perhaps. How long will one endure? It wears you out and eventually, you will be tired. Struck in a loop. Letting go of fear is a manifestation of new possibilities and opportunities. Cliff has become what it is from being eroded and weathered. The mere steep rock has conquered it from letting go of something and welcoming someone an incessant process which is to be learned and admired from. From cliffs, you can only commend the sea but you won't be able to feel the rush and warmth it provides. To seek this you need to leave one behind. To seek what you desire you need to let go, set free yourself from the chains, the protection let's strive let heart beat more loudly, don't let that percussive sound stop you even with unfocused eye let's jump!

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