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Be the Best Version of Yourself

Everyone (myself included) has said the two golden words: “Be yourself”. By saying this, everything should magically fall into place, people will like you and the world will be at your feet. We believe that these two words have the key to success. We are attached to the thought that being ourselves is the way to experience life. It is believed that "Be Yourself" can be bad advice, feeding into the assumption that being yourself is all you need. This leaves no room for personal growth. Also, you overlook what you can learn from your environment. With so much going on in our lives, sometimes it becomes difficult to tie ourselves to the idea of ​​"Being Oneself". Alternatively, attack the idea of ​​being the best version of yourself. It is essential to change our mentality, when we allow ourselves to grow, we discover more about ourselves, and we learn more about ourselves. We are simply not of ourselves, we are more complex than we think. As you are on the journey from being yourself to becoming the best version of yourself, you must give yourself grace. You are rediscovering who you are and finding yourself from a completely different point of view. Becoming the best version of yourself is almost like rewiring your brain, teaching yourself how to enjoy a better and more prosperous life.

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