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The Diverging Diversity

The Month of April is well known as World Diversity Month, and I bet there is nothing much more diverse than the "Kingdom Of Nature". Before going further, let me explain to you the meaning of the term diversity. The term diversity means being unique and varied. The uniqueness that we all carry is a result of our every personality, beliefs, strengths, weakness, and experiences. Diversity molds our souls and makes us who we are. Now coming back to Nature let's talk about how diverse it is. The foremost diversity which I discern was the snow-covered mountains of the Himalayas to the Chocolate Mountains of California. Each is beautiful in its way. Let's look up to some more enthralling examples varying from the clearest night sky of Canterbury to the murky night sky of Flagstaff- Arizona, from hot and dry desert, The Sarah to coastal desert-like The Atacama Desert of Chile in South America. Oh my god !!!! How can I forget about our fauna and flora the most diversified category? How about I help you all recollect a little bit about our animal kingdom. Yep, the one you read about in school which included Annelida, Porifera, Nematoda, Vertebrata, etc etc. I am putting a stop here for now but before I go I want you all to comment on the diversity of nature you found fascinating.

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Apr 12, 2022

Wonderful blog! The majestic mountains have always fascinated me!!


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