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The abstraction of love

When it comes to loves we all are little chunks who are lowkey itching for soft fluffy love. The most exquisite abstraction of love is often illustrated by painting, poems, songs, dance, literature, and what not!! To say my ideology of love was influenced by an Indian classic movie that profusely gifted us some hunches of love like 'Mohabatein' comprehended their love confession on leaves. There is one line that I have heard from a song that goes like "Maybe it's cherry blossom and this winter will be over." It signifies maybe this longingness and coldness will finally disappear (end of cold winter) and my life will be filled with lovely colors like that at the time of cherry blossoms. Writers, composers, directors, producers, etc. use nature relevance to exhibit and provoke deep sensation evoking blast of emotions. One fine themselves being thrown in the world they created filled with colors and rhyme of joy, pain, fear, anxiety hitting bang on back to back. 'and after all that You made me go through, My tears still water the roses I grew For you." "I was flower That withered Even before blooming " I love you to the moon and back and many more sayings which make us feel so special and euphoric. I love you would have done just fine but while adding moon and back it became more graceful and heartwarming- undying love.

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