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Stop Wishing, Start Doing

We all desire for a change but when it comes to taking initiatives we back step! A single drop of water can't cause a calamity but when several drops get together, they form a river/a sea/an ocean. If they unite for a common cause i.e to cause a flood, it takes everything with it.' Women's education in India was prohibited for ages. But when activists like Daya Ram Sahni, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, Savitri Phule, Jyoti Phule and others with a common view towards a certain issue came together and successfully made a change. An individual can suggest and bring light to an issue but a group of people can make a change. In today's scenario, we see so many injustices done to people whether it's women's safety, corruption, terrorism and so on. What I think is WE ALWAYS HAVE AN OPTION. You can either live the same life or try and create the world you want for yourself. The teacher can guide you but you are the one who needs to take steps. The problems I mentioned above were at the global level but what about the ones that we are SUPPOSE to fight daily. Yes, our imagination has wings. No one can ever captivate the ability of our mind UNLESS YOU DON'T GIVE YOUR THOUGHTS THE SKY OF HOPES AND HARDWORK.

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Aug 19, 2021

Very well written!


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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