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South Korea and Hallyu

For some years, we've been witnessing Hallyu. What is Hallyu? In Korean, Hallyu means the Korean wave. South Korea is very famous for its music industry called K-POP and entertainment industry. We've all been witnessing Hallyu since PSY's Gangnam style to Train to Busan to BTS to Squid Game! But there is much more to know about the birthplace of these Industries - South Korea. Going back in History, South Korea and North Korea used to be one and called the Goreyo and later Joseon. It had to face many invasions and finally gained its independence in August 1948. Even after many invasions, South Korea managed to preserve its culture and heritage, which happens to be one of the most beautiful parts of this country. Since it is surrounded by the ocean, it has many beautiful beach cities. The cuisine here is vast and very delicious. This country has many breathtaking tourist spots. It is very budget-friendly to travel to too! Let us know what you like the most about South Korea in the comments!

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Nov 27, 2021

The thing I love about South Korea is its culture. It's fascinating to see how people are still connected with their roots.


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