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Food is an Emotion!

Food... Something we can't live without. Good food is the sole desire of everyone ~ be it kids, adults or elders. The bread maker is always secretly more loved than the bread earner. Talking about the bread makers, food is way more than just about ingredients. Every dish has it's own history of origin and a poetic explanation which we all will rediscover. After all, food - something that brings us together is quite an underrated topic. Since it's the first greetings, let's start sweet.

A sweet masterpiece also my favourite dish is (drumrolls) Rasgulla! A tender white ball soaked in sweet chaashni is just that perfect dessert everyone loves is a native from the state of Orissa. Its first avatar was 'kheer mohana', which later evolved into 'pahala rasagolla' was invented by Nabin Chandra Das, a famous sweetmeat maker, in 1868. He ran out of business and made this masterpiece meanwhile.

In the world of chocolates and ice creams... one's heart would still race for Rasgulla!

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