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Some dreams that we fail to achieve

Nowadays, people aspire to have big and different dreams that they want to live in. If you don’t have a dream, they will never accept you. Some people manage to achieve their dream whereas some are not able to. Also, people often face anxiety and depression just because they are not able to achieve something that they have always wanted to do. So, does it mean that they are a failure in life? I personally don’t think so. Once I read this quote from a tv drama I used to watch, it follows like, “I don’t think not living your dream means you’ve failed at life. And I don’t think living your dream means you’ve succeeded either. I simply want to do well at my job right now. That’s my current dream” explains so much about the fact that you don’t have to be a special person or anything, it's okay to be an ordinary one. You don’t have to think that you are worthless after not being able to attain something. You’re so much worth of everything this world holds. As long as you're trying that already means that you’re succeeding. So, you don’t have to compare yourself to others on the basis of their achievements as they are not you. Thus, we can say that dream and life are two different things that take a load of hard work and most importantly, luck in order for them to combine.

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