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Period Cravings

Comfort food is the best way to explain the relationship between food and happiness. Why does the thought of having a hot mug of dark chocolate or coffee brings a smile to your face? What lifts your spirit when you are feeling low especially on the dreaded first day of the period. Particularly for me, I have irregular periods and when the time comes I have a lot of cravings like eating something spicy a ton of dark chocolate or sipping something hot. Just like me, I asked many girls what is their comfort food during periods and most of them answered dark chocolate or something hot for sipping. There are two food items I am going to talk about today first is chocolate for those who don't feel like eating anything chocolate turns out to be relievers!! Half melted chocolate lies into your tummy can hold out the pain. Wait wanna know more about chocolate click here Second is what my mother suggests and that is dry fruits, nuts, and fresh fruits. They are so convenient that you can take them anywhere you want and they can ease the period troubles a little bit. Oh did I miss something?? Leave a comment about your comfort food during periods craving below.

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