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One Perfect Sleep

Activities you do before going to bed are very important because when you are in sleep, you can incubate a lot of either negative things or positive things. Either pleasantness or unpleasantness, you can incubate very effectively uninterrupted in sleep. This is not just about psychological disturbances; it can cause major physiological problems over a period of time. Bad sleep can lead to a nasty wake-up and then a whole bad day. A few practices you can do to eliminate these things are 1. Eat less and healthy(avoid meat or eat it before 3-4 hours) and drink a certain amount of water before going to bed, 2. Take a shower before going to bed, it is always a great way to take cold showers, but you can also go for lukewarm showers. When you shower, it is not just the dirt on the skin that you're taking away. It also relaxes your mind, reduces your anxiety, tension and makes you feel relaxed. Do not use gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. after taking a shower. One more thing you can do is burn a lamp with an organic oil(or just cooking oil) somewhere in the room where you sleep, and you will see these things will completely disappear. These practices can change your way of living, thinking, and sleeping in a positive way. This is an excellent way of making a small spiritual change in yourself.

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