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More than 'How are you?'

We humans believe ourselves wiser than any other animal. We might be! But it is also true that there's no other animal that creates complexity more than us. There was a time when we (people) had trouble with society. Then the boundaries were decreased and we started having problems with the family. Ahead of that, we started having problems with our life partner. We are aware of the increasing number of divorces. We can easily see such cases other than celebrities. The human came a little further and now we are having a problem with ourselves, which is more prevalent in our youth. Sometimes someone commits suicide, someone falls into depression. Someone's overthinking increases in any matter. All this is happening around us, with us, with our own friends. We have to solve this problem ourselves. Don't ask anyone just "How are you?" Try to ask something more than that. Often ask questions that will make us aware of the other person's life and mental state. By paying a little more attention to our friends, siblings, family, we can surely reduce all such incidents to some extent. There are several organizations to help, which can be contacted in the need of help and support. We all just need to stay alert, awake, and stand with all those people around us who are in dire need of us. One simple change of asking more than 'How are you?' can solve many problems. Isn't it?

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Feb 24, 2022

Well said! Sometimes, all we need is a person to ask us a question and we can share everything. Thanks for writing such a meaningful blog.


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