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Malaysian Nasi Lamek

Malaysian food consists of Malaysian practices and traditions found in Malaysia. It is very spicy, strong, and aromatic, combining all the spices found in southeast Asia. Malaysia is finely divided into three major groups:-Chinese, Indians, and Malays. There is no standard breakfast menu due to the advent of modern influences. One may choose to start the day with ubiquitous kuih(which are bite-size snacks) or may choose to start with a heavy Indian or Chinese dish. NASI LEMAK a dish originating from Malay cuisine which consists of fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. This dish is considered the national dish of Malaysia, also a native dish of Singapore, Brunei, and Thailand. The Malaysian Indian variation is similar to the original version. However, many Malaysian Indians do not eat beef. Nasi lemak is the Malaysian Indian version that is served with curries, such as chicken curry, fish curry, or lamb curry. Malaysian Indians also serve a rendition of the dish alongside their very own version of the rendang. If you enjoyed knowing about NASI LEMAK also go and try some semolina coconut cake as a dessert. Here is the link!

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