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Horizon: Union of sky and land

The sky is above us and the land is underneath. It is amusing how we exist in between. We need to look up for glancing at the sky whereas we need to look down to see land. Have you ever wonder how intriguing it would be to gaze at them at the same time? The sky which is endless teaches us that we are just a small part of this earth and the land which is countless teaches us to be grounded. The line where the sky appears to meet land is the horizon a very beautiful site to admire. Doesn't it seem so magnificent and breathtaking that it almost makes one think is it even real? beyond one's belief, simply magical. Having witnessed this incredible union of land and sky makes me realize how sublime nature is! Indeed an endearing thread of perceptive glory combined with a tint of mystery. Our dream is the sky which is endless that we look up from the land of our bitter-sweet reality. Distance between them is vast but one could make the ends meet by putting in their dedication, hard work, and faith. One's very own horizon which would leave you in with satisfaction, bliss, and pride. The sky is your's and the island so let's create a horizon of our realm- where dreams aren't dreams anymore but one's very own reality.

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