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Gender discrimination; A Different Perspective

Gender Discrimination is a topic widely discussed but then every time we discuss this topic, the perspective of only one gender is kept forth, whereas the perspective of the other gender remains unheard. Today I am gonna write from the perspective of a gender which in my opinion is not allowed to cry or share their sufferings or ordeals, i.e men. Laws have been made for the protection of women but, what about the laws that serve as a deterrent so that these laws aren't misused. Justice should be served to women, but what about those who have been catered in false cases. We have a law of domestic violence wherein a woman can seek protection but men can't. We have laws of adultery that immunes a married woman from any criminal prosecution if she practices infidelity but if a married man does so, criminal charges can be put upon him. We have laws for rapes, sexual harassment at the workplace, word gesture or act that insults the dignity of a woman but these laws do not consider men as victims. We have a government helpline for women but not for men. In fact, according to statistics, 24% of calls a women helpline receive are from men. I'm in no sense discerning the struggles and discrimination faced by women, but then life for men isn't a cakewalk, "If a cry of a wolf is too often made as a prank, assistance might not be available when the actual wolf appears" every false rape accusation is a nail in the coffin of the victim who faced such atrocity.

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