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Donate it don't waste it

"Why no one will even wear them" - Younger me asking my same question again. This was the Diwali day when my mom collects all the proper, old clothes and donate them to people who are in need. Diwali is the perfect occasion to give someone old clothes. It fulfills two needs one being getting new clothes on a festive occasion and mostly it's the time during winter which will help them being warm. Passing on your clothes to others means people will be less likely to buy new clothes. This means that the fast-fashion industry won’t need to mass-produce copious amounts of clothing, saving the resources used to create new textiles. One of the most important reasons to donate clothes is how many people it helps. It helps those who can’t afford clothes, disaster victims, veterans, and even people with diseases. Lastly—and this is a big one—donating helps build a vital trait in all people in helping them to become more generous. There is an Indore-based duo that helps in donating food and clothes to people who need them. DAANPATRA was started by the sibling duo Akansha and Yash Gupta. Daanpatra is an online platform that collects donations of all sorts - clothes, toys, books, shoes, utensils, electronic items, furniture, and other items, which is anything except cash - from the donors’ doorstep and ensures these reach the people on need.

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