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Do what you Love

Monday’s are usually the days that people dread after spending the weekend doing something that they enjoy. If you are passionate about what you are currently doing, then you will wake up in the morning looking forward to your day, even if it is a Monday. It does make sense that if we love what we do, we will do it better, longer, and with greater passion. There are entire books dedicated to this topic about following your passion, and yet there are so many people still sitting on the sidelines waiting to discover what their true purpose in life is supposed to be. There have been many that have been fortunate enough to stumble upon their passions early in life knowing that, what they currently do, is what they were meant for. On the other hand, many people will spend their entire life working at their dead-end job just to get by, all while questioning themselves whether there is more to life, knowing that there has to be something better. Many of you reading this are probably saying to yourself I have to make a living, I have to survive and pay the bills, I have to provide for my family. All this is true… we all recognize the fundamental need to survive, but many people ignore the thought that you can do anything that you set your mind to.

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