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Do a little good to feel a lot better

One of the most distinguishing emotional powers that we humans boast over all living beings is kindness. To be kind is to be compassionate, considerate, merciful, and helpful without the expectations of any personal gains. Doing good, one person, one small deed at a time has the power to change our society for the better. It not only provides assistance or happiness to the recipient but also enriches the giver. Whilst engaged in even the smallest act of kindness, our brain produces endorphins that foster feelings of self-worth, calmness, and optimism, literally making it an emotional win-win situation. As people, the impulse of kindness is bound to come to us. All we need to do is to comply and give into our human nature of compassion to overcome the fear of being judged that holds many of us back. So, give all the compliments you can, hold open those doors, lend an ear or extend a helping hand wherever possible to feel and spread the warmth of kindness. Be deliberate and consistent with your small actions to see an enormous difference in how you see and feel about the world that seems to be engulfed in negativity today.

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