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Dhuleti-a sport

In India, there are many professional sports, but even more, are the games played in every street of the nation. These games aren't just played but also invented. In India there is a festival called Dhuleti, so let's talk about some games relating to it. Dhuleti being a sport of water and colors is mainly played with water balloons and water guns. One of the few games is where everyone gets their own water gun and targets each other with the water and the water balloons. In other games, everyone applies colors to each other and tries to get the least colors. Overall, the festivals, games, and activities in Dhuleti rejuvenate us. Even though we didn't get a chance to cherish our festival this year due to covid, the vibe and atmosphere were the same. So sports are not just those which are played at a professional stage but any games that involve sportsmanship and are enjoyed.

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