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Cat's cradle

Okay, so we all have played this game in our childhood. But, I bet never viewed it from an artistic point of view. The game I am talking about is Cat's cradle(string game), includes the formation of numerous string figure in the middle of the fingers by either solo creator or by passing a loop of string back and forth between two or more players. Coordination and patience is the key to master the specific variety, their order, the names of the figures, and types of string. While researching, I discovered Kurt Vonnegut's Cat's Cradle book, which describes it to be a way of holding a piece of string that looks nothing like a cat, or a cradle. One character describes this to be a metaphor for life, a game in which people pretend to have meaning when everyone knows there isn't any. However different cultures have varieties of names for this game and different methods to play it, but it's always fun watching the formation of uniquely made pieces of art or as simply put indistinctive figures. As my Cat's cradle days go I was very fond of making monuments and artistic skyscrapers amongst which my favorite one was the Eiffel tower, it always made me jump back to playing it. Share with me your childhood experiences with the cat's cradle. Until next time, take care.

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