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Carnivale de Venezia

The Carnival of Venice, which takes place in Italy, is one of the most famous carnivals, popular for its tradition of wearing masks. People wear different kinds of masks with different shapes, colors, sizes, materials, etc., and show their creativity through them. There are many different types of masks, but one mask that I personally like and is popular in the modern carnival is the Volto(face in Italian) or Larva(ghost in Latin). It is a plain, simple mask without any expression and covers the full face, from forehead to chin and ear to ear. A person from the outside won’t be able to notice anything other than his eyes. This reminds me that aren’t we all wearing masks in our daily lives like a person will wear a happy face so that others don’t see his worries. And I know that we should face our feelings and be real, and that’s okay, but sometimes it’s not. We tend to keep our feelings to ourselves because we care for others. We don’t want them to worry about us, so what do we do? We wear a mask and pretend that everything is okay. Sometimes, the joy of people that we see from behind this mask is what we need to feel better. But you should not pretend to be happy every time, otherwise, you may lose yourself in between. So, keep some people close enough in front of whom you can be yourself and you don’t need any masks. Even the people in the carnival remove their masks after their performance.

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Mar 08, 2022

Yes! One should have few people in their life in front of which one can remove mask of fake smile.


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