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Bog Snorkeling

Bog snorkeling is a sporting event where competitors aim to complete two consecutive lengths of a 60-yard (55 m) water-filled trench cut through a peat bog in the shortest time possible, wearing a traditional snorkel, diving mask, and flippers. They complete the course without swimming, relying on flipper power alone. The current world record was set by Neil Rutter in 2018, with a time of 1 min 18.81 seconds. The women's world record stands at 1 minute 22.56 seconds by Kirsty Johnson in 2014. Both were set at the Waen Rhydd bog, Llanwrtyd Wells in Wales. The World Bog Snorkeling Championship, first held in 1985, takes place every August Bank Holiday in the dense Waen Rhydd peat bog, near Llanwrtyd Wells in mid-Wales. Other bog snorkeling events take place, particularly in Wales, but also in Australia, Ireland, and Sweden. These include the Bog Snorkeling Triathlon, which consists of a 120-yard (110 meters) snorkel, a 19-mile (31 kilometers) bike ride, and a 71/2-mile (12 km) run. Proceeds from the World Championship go to a local charity each year. Past recipients include the Cystic Fibrosis Trust (2005) and the Motor Neurone Association (2006). The 2006 charity was chosen in memory of the Green Events treasurer, Ron Skilton, who died in December 2005. Will you try this sports?

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