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All that and a plate of fries

After a great movie, it's always McDonald's for me. And going to McDonald's till now the only happiness I get is while eating crispy hot French fries. Actually, did you know that "Although we call it French fries, it was invented by the Belgians in the 17th century. It seems unbelievable but one-third of all vegetables consumed in us come just from two sources: French fries and potato chips. There's something so satisfying and also maybe a little addictive about the fries. Between all those saltiness, crispiness on the outer side and velvety smoothness on the inside, we just can't get enough. French fries are generally eaten as a part of lunch or dinner or as a snack and commonly in the menus of restaurants, pubs, and fast food places. Often they are topped up with salt but an increasing number of tastes in the world. They are also served with different sauces, ketchup, vinegar, or any other local specialty. They can be in so many variants like tornado fries, sweet potato fries, Pommes souffle's, steak fries and also the trendy curvy fries... Even though we know, fries are not healthy but we do love this deep-fried cholesterol-heavy snack for our pass-time. Our Mac Meal is never completed without fries. Pan-fried, fried, baked or air-fried, fries are just fries with lots of gossip and talks. Oh...One second haven't we talked so much about French fries and are still confused about which variety to try... Here you have some of the best 8 tasty French fries recipes. Click here.

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