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A story to tell

"Hello. So let’s talk about me today. I am always on this footpath of the road, seeing people of different castes, gender, economic status, religion, and age walk by. Some take a moment to sit and talk while some just pass by wishing they had some time for themselves to take a deep breath between all the chaos. There are days when I witness the most romantic conversation between two people in love and there are days when I witness separation. There are people who come and think about how will they manage to live up to all the expectations that people have and there are people who still blame themselves for not taking that one chance. On winter nights, I find myself between the deserted cold streets, and on summer nights, I hear the most cheerful giggles of the children having ice creams and the elders gossiping and chatting. I have seen hearts breaking and coming together, I have seen the most obnoxious faces trying to smile, and I have seen both befriending and unfriending over a chai. I have felt the hugs and consolation, existential crises and loneliness when no one really cared to hear them.

Yes, I am a bench on that very footpath of the road. And these are the stories that I have to share. 'Everyone and everything has a story to tell, the question is how often do you actually care to know it.”

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Nov 17, 2022



Pick some words and hear them talk.

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