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A Nest

I was in 5th grade when we were taught how to build a nest. It's one of those memories that feel as sweet as the day it was made. A memory that is still fresh in my sense and calmness that settles the uproar of a chaotic heart. We were asked to build a nest by our teacher. I still remember how cautious we were to pick the things to build our nest. We were even having quarrels with our mates for snatching things the other wanted. In the end, we all have built our nest, which was ironically distinct and similar at the same time. Some of us made sure that the nest was comfortable whereas some of us made sure it was strong. We were happy with what we built with some stones, grass, leaves, and sticks. Our teacher taught us a great lesson from that activity. The lesson of life is that in the world for survival you need to be a quick thinker and most importantly you need to have the courage to fight for your right. We were also asked that nest we built was the one we desired or imagined it to be? Most of us said no, but we were satisfied and happy with what we built. Satisfaction is all about perceptions whereas desire is all about fascination. Nest could be interpreted as our life, ourselves, or relationships. The one we wanted to be perfect but it's okay even if it isn't. A nest that could be strong but not comfy or a nest that is comfy but not strong but in the end it would be the home that you built.

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Feb 28, 2022

A really great lesson👍👍


Pick some words and hear them talk.

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