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A Holi drink

It is the festival of colors - Holi! And when I say Holi Indians definitely know the food for this festival. Isn't it just beautiful how we have food designated for every festival?! Since it's Holi we all know what makes it more fun. Yes, it's Bhaang! It is also known as marijuana or cannabis. While most of us visualize it as a form of intoxication, trust me it's much more!

Bhaang is often associated with Lord Shiva who is said to be the god of gods. Many saints in India drink Bhaang to increase their capacity to meditate hence, linking them more closely to God Shiva. Bhaang increases the level of Dopamine in the consumer. Dopamine is the hormone responsible for happiness. Thus one might lose their sense after drinking it. However, The medical association was successful in proving that Bhaang can be helpful in curing many diseases related to eyes and Alzheimer's, etc. This is because it helps reduce the tensions of daily life and numbs the brain for a while so that the body can relax.

It is beautiful how many of us don't know how helpful it actually is and consume it just because it is mandatory to drink it on Holi. But now that you know doesn't mean you should drink it daily or in an enormous amount. A medicine is beneficial in only particular amounts.

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